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"This spectral man suffering from malaria… Rimbaud, pulled from Africa and given a guitar."
Henry Rollins on Rowland S. Howard (via demonflovvers)
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misssfiend asked: Dude I am still in disbelief about that tbh he's such a kind person completely different than the whitehouse persona haha

That’s so great!! Sucks that you couldn’t get into the show though :(( One of my friends met boyd rice about a year ago and said that he was very kind and humble and totally not what she expected hahah, she only wanted to say hello but he ended up chatting with her for a bit with a couple of other people after his set. It’s cool that Bennett takes the time to be kind as well! And the ironic thing is that these guys are 1000% nicer than these good-guy rock bands jerking at coachella and stuff (likely). Hahah the mod. rockstars….

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Forest By Santeri Tuori
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Forest By Santeri Tuori

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